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At Physiotherapy Associates, you are more than just a condition; you are your habits, problems, and goals. Whether you need education, reassurance, hands on treatment, or anything in between, our only desire is to bridge where you are now with where you want to be. Be it waking up pain free in the morning, picking up your grandchildren, or squatting deeper, we are here to help!

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We are now located at 1297 Gympie Road, Aspley 4034

Our Services


Our cornerstone practice, dedicated and experienced physiotherapists. 

Dry Needling

Dry Needling can be incorporated into your Physiotherapy treatment to target specific muscles. 


Massage is incorporated into most of our sessions, to relax muscles and improve your recovery.


For many issues, mobilisations can be incredibly benefical to release tension and pain. 

Chest Physio

Specific physiotherapy for sufferers of chest problems. Using breathing techniques and percussion. 

Home Visits

Our Physiotherapist are available for Home Visits within the local area. Phone for more Infomation.


Physiotherapy is a great way to combat back pain or any diastasis recti during Pregnancy. 

WorkCover, CTP, DVA & NDIS

We cater to all clients, we will endevour to bill these direct. 

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We are now located at 1297 Gympie Road, Aspley 4034

Your Local Physiotherapists

Appointments available 8am-8pm 5 days a week, open 8am - 1pm on Saturdays.

1297 Gympie Road, 

Aspley 4034