Visting our rooms for the first time

New _patientThe very first time you visit our rooms please arrive 15min early because our friendly receptionist will ask you to fill a new patient questionnaire gathering your name, contact details, previous medical, surgical history and your presenting problem. These are important questions that your physiotherapist will need to ask anyway, answering them in a questionnaire means you maximise your treatment time.

Your physiotherapist will then take you to one of our private consulting rooms and commence your assessment. This will consist of;

1. A subjective assessment that will find out the nature, history of your presenting problem, symptoms, aggrevating factors, etc.

2. An objective assessment that will consist of physical tests, range of movement etc.

3. Diagnosis, your physiotherapist will now discuss with you their findings and explain, treatment, expected length of recovery/ improvement aswell as answer any questions that you may have.

4. Treatment, your physiotherapist will perform the treatment that they have discussed with you.

5. Exercises prescription, your physiotherapist may give you exercises to do at home to expediate your recovery.

6. Post treatment care. The physiotherapist will educate you on what you may experience once you go home.

We will talk you through and explain all aspects of your assessment and treatment.


What to Bring

1. Please bring any referral letters you may have received from your doctor if you have one(private patients do not need a doctor’s referral to be seen at Physiotherapy Associates).

2. Please bring any scans and results you may have for the condition we are seeing you for.

3. You may need to take your top layer of clothes off, so if you are uncomfortable please wear a singlet and shorts depending on what we are seeing you for. We have spare singlets, shorts and gowns available if you need them.