After treatment care

After _treamentAfter treatment care is essential to an effective, complete physiotherapy treatment. It is the difference between a patient being educated so that they can use every possible opportunity after they leave a clinic to reach their goals or a patient being left to their own devices to deal with the effects of treatment.

At physiotherapy associates, we care about you. Not just whilst you are in our rooms but our time going forward.

This means that our after treatment care starts whilst you are still in our rooms and ends when we see you again for your next appointment. Our physiotherapists will spend time with you during your assessment and treatment so that you know exactly what and why we are treating a particular area and therefore what you will feel like after you go home. We will teach you strategies so that you can maximise your treatment goals, which at the end of the day is what we are striving for

After treatment pain is the most common worry that patients have after they leave our rooms. Do not worry post treatment pain is a normal part of physiotherapy especially because we believe in hands on manual therapy. In fact post treatment pain is an indicator that we are on the right diagnosis and all we have to do is tweak the treatment intensity. Most of the time, if you do experience after treatment pain it will be a mild discomfort you feel on the treated area which will go away after a few days. What you should do is apply an ice pack and rest the area. Do not massage the area yourself and if you are worried please do not hesitate to call the clinic if you feel you need to speak to your physiotherapist. Remember our after treatment care does not end until we see you again.

Your physiotherapist may have given you an exercise programme for you to complete at home to improve any deficits you may have. These may include strengthening exercises, stretches, core stability. These are very important to complete properly because half of your recovery is done by you in the time out of our rooms so it is important to do everything you can so you fast track your recovery.