Quadriceps Strain


A quadriceps strain is a strain of the large muscle group in front of your thigh, that is made if four different muscles. the quadriceps is mainly injured sprinting, kicking or jumping.

Like the other muscle strains there are 3 grades:

  • Grade 1 minor strain with some discomfort to the area and minor restrictions to movement.
  • Grade 2 is a moderate strain, this will cause significant discomfort with stretch and resisted activity.
  • Grade 3 is a complete rupture. A gap will be palpable in the muscle, these resolve surprisingly well with conservative treatment.

There are a number of causes of quadriceps strains:

  • Poor flexibility of the quadriceps muscle group.
  • Poor strength.
  • A poorly performed warm up routine.
  • Previous injury not fully recovered.
  • Lower back tightness.


Common symptoms include:

  • Pain will quite often be felt in the tight after a sudden explosive movement such as running or kicking.
  • Tightening of the quadriceps the day after the injury.
  • Pain on walking.
  • Pain on running.
  • Pain on running.
  • Standing up from a chair.


Physiotherapy treatment can consist of:

  • RICE.
  • Gentle stretches as able.
  • Massage of quadriceps.
  • Assess and treat possible lower back involvement.
  • Biomechanics.