Adductor Tendinopathy


An adductor tendinopathy is a repetitive strain condition of the adductor muscle group and is similar to other tendinopathies.

It presents as groin pain right up where the muscle group attatches in to the pelvis. It generally starts off very stiff and sore in the morning/ start of training. Once you are fully warmed up you will rarely feel this condition however after a game or the next day you may struggle to walk.

This condition may develop in to osteitis pubis if left untreated.

Common causes include:

  • Comes on after a adductor muscle strain.
  • Repetitive running, kicking or changing direction.
  • Weakness in the adductors.
  • Tightness in the adductors.
  • Poor biomechanics of the lower back, glute and pelvis.
  • Over pronation(collapsing of the arch) of the feet.
  • Poor core stability.


Common symptoms include:

  • Pain in the groin.
  • Stiffness first thing in the morning, or starting exercise.
  • Eases up with activity.
  • Worsens with rest and cooling down after exercise.


Physiotherapy treatments can include:

  • Avoiding the aggravating activity.
  • Massage of the adductors.
  • Stretching of the adductors.
  • Strengthening programme for the adductors.
  • Core stability.
  • Improve biomechanics of the lower back, pelvis and glutes.